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Terms of delivery
General Terms and Conditions envelopes-shop Ltd.
1 General
1.1 The general terms and conditions are applicable to all agreements with regard to online orders between envelopes-shop Ltd. and the client and are a supplement to our terms of delivery for the Graphic Industry, lodged at the registry of the district court in Amsterdam. Applicability of other general terms and conditions is precluded.
1.2 envelopes-shop Ltd. is authorised at all times to amend the contents of these general terms and conditions as well as the contents of her website. Amendments of these general terms and conditions are only valid if they are agreed upon in writing or electronically.
1.3 By placing an order every client declares themselves, without reservations, to be in accord with the general terms of delivery.
1.4 envelopes-shop Ltd. will ensure that the general terms and conditions will be put at the disposal, either electronically or otherwise, of the client either before or upon the making of the agreement. The client is responsible for the saving and printing of these general terms and conditions and for the accessibility of the saved copy.
2 Realisation of the agreement
2.1 The prices listed with the item are in Euros and ex. VAT. Shipping costs (if applicable) are indicated with the listed prices.
2.2 envelopes-shop is not responsible for the consequences of print-, typing-, and/or programming- or program errors on her website. No rights can be derived from unlawful price information. envelopes-shop Ltd. takes great care with the photographs of the envelopes and cards sold in the online shop. These photographs serve only as an illustration and no rights can be derived from them. Occasionally, the envelope in the photograph may have a colour that is not available. 
2.3 Offers are only valid while stocks last and during the runtime indicated.
2.4 The agreement is only realised by the confirmation of your order by envelopes-shop Ltd.
3 Payment
3.1 Payment is made through the payment methods offered on the website. You have the option to choose the following payment methods:
a) Advance payment (transfer) by bank transfer.
b) iDeal.
c) On account.
3.2 If you are a new client, please pay your order in advance. The order will be shipped as soon as complete payment has been made.
3.3 If payment is not made within 3 days, the order will be cancelled.
4 Shipping costs
4.1 In the event of an exchange/return the shipping costs for the return of these items will be at the expense of the client.
4.2 In the event of an exchange, envelopes-shop Ltd. will charge shipping costs for the item being shipped anew.
5 Delivery
5.1 envelopes-shop Ltd. outsources the home delivery of orders to PostNL. Orders are shipped through Parcelware of PostNL and can be tracked through this system.
5.2 envelopes-shop Ltd. strives to ship orders made before 3:00 pm. on the very same (work) day.
5.3 envelopes-shop Ltd. will do its utmost to deliver accepted orders as soon as possible. In the event that the delivery is delayed – either due to being out of stock or for other reasons – or in the event that a delivery cannot be executed either in part or entirely, the client will be notified of this. The client is authorised to cancel the remainder of the order in such cases.  
5.4 envelopes-shop Ltd. is not liable for any damages you may suffer due to the delivery at an incorrect address listed by the client.
5.5. All matters delivered by envelopes-shop Ltd. remain the property of envelopes-shop Ltd. until such a time as complete payment has been made, including potential interest or collection fees.
6 Cancellation
An order may be cancelled if this is done within 24 hours of the placement of the order and the order has not yet been shipped. Such cancellations can be communicated through email (sales@ envelopes-shop.com) or telephone (+31(0) 30 244 74 27).
7 Exchange and Returns
7.1 In the event that an item does not meet your expectations, you have the option to exchange or return the item.
7.2 The postal charges as well as the shipping risk will be at the expense of the client.
7.3 The following conditions are put on exchanges and/or returns:
a) After the delivery of the order the client has 7 days to return or exchange the items. After this period the purchase can no longer be dissolved and becomes final.
b) The items must be undamaged.
c) The return shipment must be accompanied by a letter from the client listing their details and the invoice number.
d) Return shipments without postage paid or with insufficient postage will not be accepted by us.
8 Supply
8.1 All envelopes and cards are available from stock. However, it may occur that an article is temporarily out of stock or sold out. The client will be notified of this as soon as possible. In this case the client is authorised to cancel the order free of charge. envelopes-shop Ltd. will take care of reimbursement in this case.
9 Privacy
9.1 Your personal details will be included in the client register of envelopes-shop Ltd.. envelopes-shop Ltd. uses your personal details for the execution of the agreement, the pursuit of responsible client management, risk management and for marketing purposes.
9.2 The client is authorised to review the details envelopes-shop Ltd. has gathered on him on request and to have them corrected. The client is authorised to request that envelopes-shop Ltd. remove the client details in question.  
9.3 Unless the client has registered for such (opt in), the client will not receive any mailings, newsletters or other messages from envelopes-shop Ltd. In the event that you no longer wish to receive mailings, newsletters or other messages from envelopes-shop Ltd., you can notify us of this via email (sales@ envelopes-shop.com). 
10 Copyright image and text materials
The intellectual property rights to all products by envelopes-shop Ltd. remain with envelopes-shop Ltd. or with third parties from whom envelopes-shop Ltd. has received the right to sell these products. It is not permitted to copy, save, publish, multiply text or image materials or use these in any other way without written consent. Legal action will be taken in the event of infringement.
11. Guarantees
Defects that are reported to envelopes-shop Ltd by the client within thirty days after receipt of the products will either be redressed or replaced free of charge by envelopes-shop Ltd., unless the client is somehow responsible for the occurrence of these defects. In the event of replacement the return shipping costs are at the expense of the client.
12. Liability
12.1 envelopes-shop Ltd. is never liable for any indirect damages of the client or third parties, which also includes consequential damages, lost turn over or profits, loss of information and immaterial damages, regarding or resulting from the agreement or the use of the products supplied. 
12.2 The client safeguards envelopes-shop Ltd. from all claims of third parties, on any account whatsoever, regarding compensation of damages, fees or interests, regarding or resulting from the agreement or the use of the products.
13 Miscellany
13.1 Dutch law is applicable to the general terms and conditions and the Agreement with the court in Amsterdam as the authorised institution. 
13.2 The arrangement with regard to general terms and conditions in the Dutch Civil Code is not applicable in relation to clients, other than consumers, residing or registered outside of the Netherlands.
13.3 envelopes-shop Ltd. is authorised to involve third parties in the execution of the Agreement as she sees fit.
13.4 envelopes-shop Ltd. is authorised to transfer rights and obligations resulting from this agreement to third parties and will inform the client of such actions. In the event that a transferral of obligations to a third party is reasonably unacceptable to the client, the client is authorised to annul the agreement within five days of having been notified of it.
13.5 Should any essential stipulation in the general terms and conditions be, in the reasonable opinion of envelopes-shop Ltd., void or otherwise unenforceable envelopes-shop Ltd. is authorised to nullify the remainder of the agreement.
Questions, complaints or comments.
Please contact us at:
envelopes-shop Ltd.
ringslang 19
3824 VD Amersfoort
T: +31 (0)611882008
E: sales@envelopes-shop.com
These general terms and conditions have been registered at the Chamber of Commerce.



          Ringslang 19
          3824 VD Amersfoort - The Netherlands

          Chamber of commerce 52117766


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